Considering Xamarin Libraries

Xamarin is now a quite popular, so we investigated the creation of Xamarin Libraries. We estimated the effort to provide such plugins and checked the required changes to our software, and overall it should be minor.

The only required changes are

  • the library formats for individual platforms (i.e. frameworks or dylibs for OSX, as opposed to bundles), and
  • the explicit defininition of entry points in the C# wrappers.

Here’s a snapshot comparing the Xamarin wrapper (top) to the Unity wrapper (bottom).

Despite it’s popularity, to us it is unclear how to efficiently use Xamarin for Augmented Reality applications. Xamarin does not provide a powerful 3D graphics engine out of the box. Therefore we can provide updated libraries and wrappers on request, but we will likely not provide a full copy of the Unity plugins for Xamarin, unless requested explicitly.

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