VIZARIO® Product Features

Multi Platform Support

VIZARIO® works on many different HMD platforms. We support DARQI smart glass,  Hololens and other platforms.

Video Support

Remote Video Support to shorten machine downtime.

Live Machine Data

Live machine parameters in view or available at a click of a button.

3D Models

3D models and instructions available on the spot via a head mounted display or a handheld device.

Remote Maintenace

Remote scenarios made possible - sharing the point of view of the operator and giving guided instructions.

Training & Documentation

Training of new personell, replay of maintenance tasks & compliance with maintenance documentation requirements.

Fortune 1000 industry partners.

Our developments are driven by industry needs and requirements on the production floor. Our partners are Fortune 1000 companies globally. Our success is a combination of technical excellence and customer focus.

Andritz Metris - AR for Industry 4.0

What if you could handle expert  maintenance tasks even if second level experts are sitting thousands of kilometers away? We proudly engineered this use case for Andritz. We designed and executed the next level of machine maintenance for large and complex maintenance tasks with Augmented Reality on Microsoft Hololens. Remote Video Support, Embedded 3D models, instructions, live machine parameters on one easy to use device. 

Salzburg AG - Hololens Maintenance 

We have been chosen by Salzburg AG to launch the next level of smart maintenance, training and documentation solutions for Salzburg AG - a leading energy provider in Austria. They wanted to make their 20.000+ annual maintenance tasks easier and more efficient. Our solution was even featured on TV..

Experience the new Smart @ IAA 2017  

Showcasing a car with all its thousands of options is impossible in a conventional showroom. For the Experience of Daimler-Benz' new Smart we have designed a Hololens showcase. The demo was a highlight with visitors.

SAA - assembly instructions on Hololens

Assembling complex parts is a challenge especially in large & complex scenarios. Our client SAA tasked us with a Proof of Concept using Microsoft Hololens and embedding live instructions. No more paper plans, live validation of instructions, documentation on the go & training replay for new colleagues. No more waste due to wrong assembly.