VIZARIO Server Docker Image

During the tests of our infrastructure, we decided to move to a new and more flexible setup. Thus we created a Kubernetes VIZARIO Server . For those not familiar with Kubernetes, it’s a massively scalable system using Docker images. It is the the same system Google built it’s GMAIL service on, and various other awesome and super-scalable web services.

During the last few months, several customers asked us about deploying our server service on an Asian server infrastructure. The great news is – that has become way easier now! Similarely, we can now set up the entire system in an enterprise infrastructure with ease.

Phil created a completely new set of individual images and pushed it to a server at a great internet service provider, Internex. That took us quite some time, but now it is LIVE!!!!

Kubernetes VIZARIO Server Web Interface

Kubernetes VIZARIO Server Image

Through the awesome web tools, we can watch the server load and control the balance between individual workers – and scale up to infinity! 🙂

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