We always start off with a client need and specific requirements. Combined with our product roadmap we are able to stretch current technical boundaries.

Proof of Concept

Rapid creation of a LIVE POC in client environment to establish a roadmap for implementation and validate technical requirements.


Definition of product roadmaps together with clients is essential for long term success of disruptive innovations such as AR.

Decades of experience with industry partners.

We combine requirements of customers with our leading edge augmented reality tech stack. We have deep process knowledge & we  have decades of experience with AR implementations at industry clients.

Proprietary technology & patented solutions.

In order to develop new projects and to comply with IT / data security requirements we are working on our own proprietary tech stack. This ensures that your developments stays your development. And your highly confidential data stays within your company firewall.

We tell you what is realistic & we always deliver.

We have deep experience in Augmented Reality - some use cases are not feasible on todays tech stacks & hardware. We will always tell you what is realistic.