On May 23rd we have reached another milestone with VIZARIO!

Out of 221 start-ups that have been invited to the Salzburg AG Innovation Challenge #2, we were among the top 12! By this VIZARIO is nominated as one of the most innovative and promising concepts for the energy, transportation and telecommunication sector.

We are very excited to participate in the next milestone of the Innovation Challenge: the Innovation Camp where we – together with 11 other leading start-up teams – will customize a VIZARIO use case for Salzburg AG.
And our next goal? To be selected as one of the start-ups for the last phase – the acceleration phase.


What is this Innovation Challenge #2 about?

With its products and services for electricity, natural gas, district heating and transport as well as TV, internet and telephony, Salzburg AG is one of the most important and biggest players for the region’s infrastructure.

After the kick-off in 2016 the company continues its Innovation Challenge also this year. The multi-phase process of the competition addresses to international start-ups and forward looking masterminds from economy, science and technology. The most impressive and innovative candidates could present their operating prototypes to experts and the jury on may 23rd in Salzburg.


What is the target of the Innovation Challenge?

The target of the innovation challenge is to create new solutions, products and services which are even closer to the customers and the changing needs of the market. By utilizing the co-creation potential between Salzburg AG and the selected international start-ups, the company further prepares itself for the (digital) future. The most important business areas of the competition comprise energy, mobility, service integration, operation of decentralized assets and smart home solutions. A perfect application scenario for VIZARIOâ!


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