Summer literally brought bright and joyful weeks!

In the course of great international events we proudly could demonstrate what AR4 and VIZARIO stands for and what the future will bring – to our company, potential investors as well as industry clients and consumers. On top some special congratulations definitely need to be said: AR4 was awarded a “Born Global Champion” by WKO Austria for it’s innovative and successful international launch of VIZARIO!

Click here to learn more about the following highlights in June:
PIONEERS FESTIVAL 2017, June 1-2 2017, see article “AR4 @ Pioneers”
AWE 2017 Expo, June 1-2, 2017, see article “VIZARIO @ AWE USA 2017”A
PLUG AND PLAY TECH CENTER Summer Summit, Sunnyvale, California, June 6-8 2017, Verlinkung zu Plug and Play Beitrag, see article “AR4 @ Plug and Play Tech Center”
WKO Award “BORN GLOBAL CHAMPION”, June 26, 2017 https://www.see article “AR4 awarded as Born Global Champion”
INNOVATION CHALLENGE #2, June 21-23, 2017 see article “Innovation Challenge #2 goes on”

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